Covid-19 Update


To our dear friends and valued costumers:

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! We are finally going to be OPEN!

As from the 13th of July, those of us in the hospitality sector who can meet the standards set in the guidance provided by the Welsh Government will be allowed to open.

In order to follow the Welsh Government Guidance so that you can come and enjoy your holiday with us, we have to make some new rules and change the way of how we do things.


And here they are:

1.  The famous one way system. All individuals must enter the B&B through the main entrance. In order to travel upstairs, all individuals must use the lift. When moving downstairs, all individuals must use the staircase and exit the building via the exit in the dining room. (Exceptions will be made for any guests with walking difficulties.)

2.  House keeping; unfortunately due to the guidance, to reduce the amount of unnecessary contact we can only clean and sanitize the rooms at the end of your stay, before the next Guest arrives. Can you please kindly leave your rubbish bin outside of the room when you go out for your day of leisure. We will empty, clean and sanitize it for you. If you need a refill of any toiletries and other supplies, please let us know and we will leave it outside of your room as well.

3.  Breakfast will now be in the form of room service; please pre-order your breakfast via text message to us ideally the night before. We will then prepare the food and send it to your door so that you can safely enjoy your breakfast without having any unnecessary close contact.

4.  Closure of the Dining Room and Guest Lounge; due to the size of our Dining Room and Guest Lounge, it is impossible to apply social distancing, so they will be closed. Our bar will remain open through the use of room service and we will also serve drinks to you on our terrace where social distancing can be applied between guests and staff.


We are sorry for any inconvenience to you, and we look forward to welcoming you to our lovely home at Llandudno.